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Focus Groups in Seattle

Currently we have the Following Paid Research Pre Qualification Questionnaires Online.

Studies are for the Seattle, Washington Metro area.

This is a pre qualification process. Additional screening with a phone representative may be required to determine participation. The following questions measure responses which are later used to determine possible eligibility in paid research studies with Consumer Opinion Services. At no time is participation promised or guaranteed following completion of pre qualifying surveys. Potential participants will be chosen at random from qualified responses submitted, and contacted by a representative.

Note: By registering in our database, you become a permanent part of our research panel, and can be pre selected for inclusion in research studies of all kinds. You’ll increase your chances of being selected for a study, receive targeted profile-based opportunities to participate, while reducing how much we contact you. 

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Hear what people are saying….

I did a survey here on snack foods I have purchased I got reimbursed for my parking got paid cash for my time during my survey and the foods I got for the survey AND was early so I was entered into a drawing for extra cash and I even got to take home my snacks afterwards! I highly recommend taking the time to give your opinions..

Ciaira Lien

Overall I give it a 5 because the staff is nice and friendly. The building is not made for large research studies. Need a bigger space. That is the only downfall about the company. Hopefully they get a bigger space soon.

Matthew Hill

Office personnel are outstanding, the. People on the phones are very courteous and professional. Highly recommend consumer opinion services

Lance Yonkers

Haven’t been called for a while but joined back in the 80’s. Always great rewards. Hopefully I get something that i am a match for.

Karen Bryan

I love that I was referred to Consumer Opinion Services by a friend! It’s a super easy way to make extra cash and they are very dependable and organized.

Colleen Bernardy

I love their Burien location. I’ve done two taste tastes for them in the last 18 months. The employees are friendly and professional.

Melanie Sellars

Every time I’ve done a survey here they’ve always been pleasant and enjoyable. The studies are great and so is the payouts.

T.j Delaney

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