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Las Vegas, Nevada Paid Research Studies

Focus groups in Las Vegas

Currently we have the Following Paid Research Prequalification Questionnaires Online.

These studies are for the Las Vegas Metro area.

This is a prequalification process. Additional screening with a phone representative may be required to determine participation. The following questions measure responses which are later used to determine possible eligibility in paid research studies with Consumer Opinion Services. At no time is participation promised or guaranteed following completion of prequalifying surveys. Potential participants will be chosen at random from qualified responses submitted, and contacted by a representative.

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Note: By registering in our database, you become a permanent part of our research panel, and can be preselected for inclusion in research studies of all kinds. You’ll increase your chances of being selected for a study, receive targeted profile-based opportunities to participate, while reducing how much we contact you. Please click the link at the top of the page to join or update your information in our database.

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Hear what people are saying….

They’re well prepared and organized, they are efficient, they always appreciate our feedback, and I have always had a good experience. Definitely check them out!


Great place to go and try new products and give your opinions on products and to top it off you get paid to do it.

cyndi bowen

Are great way to make some extra cash. The staff are friendly and will help find a study that os right for you.

Ty B

This what I’ve written on Facebook, “If you’re looking for focus groups that compensate you, this is the place. I’ve worked with them individually or in groups on legal cases, oral health products, UW Grad Students theses, a popular online travel & expense app etc. etc.”

Claire Stern

My son just did a month long study. It was easy for him and staff was verry helpful when he had questions

Amanda lauer