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CONSUMER OPINION SERVICES, Inc is a consumer research firm,
founded in 1960, with offices in Seattle, Portland, and Las Vegas.

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Join our consumer panel for paid market research studies in Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas, and more – It’s a great way to earn extra money while sharing opinions.

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How does paid market research work?

Q.) Who is Consumer Opinion Services?

A.) Consumer Opinion Services Inc. (COS) has provided clients with market research and data  collection services for more than 50 years.

Q.) What is Market Research?

A.) Many companies use Market Research as a business strategy to identify and analyze their specific market needs, market size and who their competition is.

Q.) What is a moderator?

A.) A moderator is a person that is in charge of a discussion. Formally trained, experienced moderators make the difference in getting the real answers from qualitative or usability research participants. Learn more about moderators

Q.) What is a consumer panel?

A.) We regularly invite members of the general public to participate in market research studies and focus groups of various types.

Q.) When is a good time to apply to be in a focus group?

A.) We are currently looking for people interested in sharing their opinions on products and/or services.

Q.) Is there an age restriction, or can anyone join?

A.) We conduct studies with children as well, so you should list them on your page if appropriate.

Q.) What do respondents get for participation in a focus group?

A.) Respondents receive a cash honorarium and/or coupons/gifts as a token of appreciation for their time and participation in the study.

Q.) Do I have to sit through a sales pitch? Are you trying to sell something?

A.) Please be assured that these studies never involve any sales or solicitations. We are only interested  in your thoughts and opinions.

Q.) Is my personal information shared?

A.) No information gathered is sold or redistributed to any other company EVER.

Q.) How can I make extra money in my spare time?

A.)Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey questions to help shape the future of many different products and services.

Q.) What is Mobile Research?

A.) The future of market research is in your hand – literally.  The explosive growth in smartphone and tablet use makes mobile research the best way to reach the on-the-go connected consumer.

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Consumer Opinion Services WHAT IS MARKET RESEARCH?

What people are saying…

“Great thing to do in spare time. Almost like cash for free.”

M WOLFAug 12, 2018

Great Experience. The study I participated in was long (8+ hours), interesting and educational. All of the logistics and the process itself were well thought through and efficient, including light breakfast, snacks and deli style lunch.

Google User2018

Received monetary compensation for 2 hours of my time. They even provided lunch. My experience was positive.

Lyn Yancha, LMP2018

Fun way to make extra money! This is a great company and I have done taste tests, product testing and opinion panels. Their offices are professional, the testing is done in a very business like manner and I was always paid upon completion. I would highly recommend this company and plan on using them in the future. They have an A+ on the BBB listing if anyone is skeptical.

Robin Spicuzza2018

Great company to do research for. The studies I have done I’ve always been fun, and they pay right away. Everyone who works here has been very friendly, and it’s always been a great experience!

Shane Cozwith Whowho2017

I have been a member for almost 20 years, they are very friendly and helpful and answer all my questions. its also satisfying to know that your input will be listened to. and when your done, they pay you in cash as you leave. gotta like that

scott castonguay2017

GREAT way to make extra school supplies or Christmas monies, or whatever else you may want it for! WIDE variety of surveys, Seattle office has the nicest people-the receptionist is just an absolute sweetheart and sets the tone of the whole office-they always seem so happy there-great place to go

Charity Hicks2017

I have had so much fun over the years working on focus groups with Consumer Opinion Services! I’ve talked about advertising for products like maxipads to the label styles on bathroom cleaner! It’s so fun, and pays nicely too!

Laurie D2017

Every time I’ve done a survey here they’ve always been pleasant and enjoyable. The studies are great and so is the payouts.

T.j Delaney2017

Best place on earth and the staff are the reason why! Check them out !

Nicholas Phillips2018

Good place to contribute and earn cash

Michael Vashi Jr2018