On Location AV services
Audio-Visual Services

On-Location Hosting

Need to conduct a project in the middle of nowhere?  When your research needs take you to areas where traditional facilities do not exist, COS can provide the necessary in-field support to transform hotel conference rooms or a community center into a top-rated focus group facility.

  • Experienced, skilled host staffing and AV technicians
  • Closed Circuit Audio-Visual monitoring for observation
  • DVD Video and MP3 Audio Recording
  • Logistical support for room rentals, catering, shipping and supplies
  • Thousands of past on-location sessions
  • Turn-key solution for site acquisition, contacts and contracts
  • International coverage

Very often, small focus facilities in remote areas do not have the frequency of work to deliver quality focus group work.  It has been our experience, and recommendation, that in most cases, an on-location setup in a hotel is superior to small market focus group facilities.