Multi Mode services

Qual-Quant Hybrids

Maximize your research budget and get the best of both worlds while conducting a single project:  quantitative measurement with qualitative insight.

The possibilities are numerous in combining the two methodologies.  A typical scenario is to recruit a classroom or theater style “town hall” session with 30-60 respondents, and poll them on your topic using a perception analyzer “dial” system.   Limited discussion is interspersed with the quant data points to identify key respondents, who are then retained for an additional focus group session with other selected participants.  Multiple sessions add confidence with a larger sample size and provides validation.

The research is observable live, provides real-time quant feedback via the dial test, and both can be video streamed to off-site observers.

Another scenario is to add a trained moderator to a quantitative telephone study.  If a respondent’s profile, usage or attitudinal responses fit the criteria for further exploration, the respondent can be handed off to the moderator for a qualitative depth interview.