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An effective tool for getting customer opinions

Focus groups are an effective tool for getting the opinions of potential customers, and finding answers to questions about products or scenarios with unique, customized, and real-time results.

There are few factors more important to the success of a focus group than choosing the right moderator to lead your study.  Moderating a focus group requires experience and skill, as there is much more to it than meets the eye.

A good moderator simultaneously keeps in mind the objectives of the research study and steers the conversation accordingly, all the while paying attention to the interaction and mood of each member of the focus group.  

Masters of the social and scientific

A good focus group moderator is a master of both social and scientific skills, all applied at the same time

One of the main jobs of a moderator is to create a conversation within the group.  As with any research study, specific objectives or questions must be addressed in order for a study to be conclusive and effective.  However, it is crucial to keep the room relaxed, and the group participants engaged and happy. It is the moderators job to keep these two ideas in mind and satisfy the needs of both the research team and the study group.

Observing open-ended discussions

Focus groups by nature enable our clients to observe open-ended discussions while receiving multiple perspectives and inputs.

Not only will a focus group identify trends or questions intended to be researched by the study, but the group often raises ideas or concerns that a client might not have considered.  Focus groups offer a comprehensive view of products and scenarios in a way that few other research study types allow.

As we all know, any group is going to be filled with different personalities.  Though highly controllable to an extent with the selection of group candidates, there will inevitably be personalities that dominate the conversation, while others remain more reserved.  

A good moderator takes control

A good moderator takes control of the conversation, and steers it in such a way that all participants have an opportunity to equally express their thoughts and opinions

It is essential to a focus group for all participants to feel comfortable and confident.  Ensuring open communication for your research study is primarily the responsibility of the moderator.  

At Consumer Opinion Services our highly trained moderators focus on making group participants feel comfortable right away, and establish a warm and welcoming environment for the study

At the same time our moderators keep our client’s research objectives at the forefront.  If a participant’s answer seems unclear during a focus group, our moderators know how to probe that question until we get the objectifiable answer that the research demands.

At Consumer Opinion Services, we know the value of a good moderator

With locations in Las Vegas, Seattle, and Portland, Consumer Opinion Services is an industry leader in focus groups.  With an international client list spanning the globe, we have the experience and know how to effectively conduct your next focus group from start to finish.  

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