Full-Service Market Research

Full Service Market Research

At Consumer Opinion Services, we offer more than 50 years of experience in conducting Full-Service Market Research campaigns. Experience has taught us a lot about how to conduct studies effectively and efficiently. When you choose to work with Consumer Opinion Services for your market research needs, you gain the full benefits of that rich history. Consumer Opinion Services will help you with all your marketing needs.

Some of those Full-Service Market Research needs may include:

Research Design

A quality focus group starts well before the moderator is in the room.  Research design helps to create the framework for finding answers to our client’s research questions.

Research design serves as the strategic blueprint of a focus group before it begins, with the intent of integrating components into the research study in a way that ensures all research problems are conclusively addressed

At Consumer Opinion Services we start with quality research design for the collection, measurement, and analysis of focus group data.

Research design includes the set of methods and procedures that are used while measuring  specified variables in the research problem.

A good design defines the study type based on what research problems, hypotheses, variables, data collection methods, and statistical analysis best help find the answers our clients want to know

Deciding how to group participants is crucial to ensure the unbiased accuracy of any focus group. In a typical experimental study, there will be at least one “experimental” condition and one “control” condition. However, the appropriate method of grouping may depend on factors such as the duration of the focus group and participant characteristics.  

To ask or to answer

Knowing whether you are looking to confirm a hypothesis, or create one based on research is one of the first steps in research design.  Each client and research study is different, as for best practice the research problem should define the type of design to be used as a study.

Confirmatory research tests predictions established before the research begins  

The advantage of confirmatory research is that when correct there will be a data set to support any prediction after the research is concluded.  Thereby allowing the research to confirm or deny any pre-established hypotheses.

Exploratory research looks to create a hypothesis by collecting and examining a data-set and for potential links between variables  

If there aren’t any specific hypotheses beforehand, the study is exploratory of any variables created for the sake of the research.

If you’ve been thinking “I can’t find a reputable research study near me..”, think again  

At Consumer Opinion Services we know how to do research design right. With facilities in Seattle, Portland, and Las Vegas, reach out to talk more about the most cost-effective and appropriate methods of accomplishing your research goals.

Research Analytics

We all know that knowledge is power  

Research analytics harness the power of a research study by converting raw data into clear results you can understand.  At Consumer Opinion Services our experienced analysts dig deep, utilizing the most advanced analytical research methods and tools on the market today.

Research analytics refers to the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in the data collected from a research study. Upon the conclusion of any research study such as a focus group, our team of analysts go to work deciphering all recorded information with a combination of statistics, computer programming, and operations research to quantify the data from the study.  

Research analytics is a crucial part of any research study, leading to the eventual support or denial of any hypotheses based on the interpretation of the data…

With research analytics we can find potential trends, analyze the effects of decisions or events, or evaluate the effectiveness of a given product or scenario presented in a focus group or research study.

At Consumer Opinion Services, we put our experience to work, offering research analytics tailored to your research questions that provide clear conclusions backed by cold, hard data.

Research Reporting

At Consumer Opinion Services we make research easy to understand.  We understand that no research study is meaningful if our clients can’t convert the results into actionable conclusions that can easily be conveyed to all involved throughout your company.

At the conclusion of a study, we present our client’s with a custom research report.  Our report presents a cohesive view of the research study as well the results.

We make research easy to understand

Our reports start with a definition of the problem to be solved.  We rigorously reduce the field of inquiry into specific questions with measurable and quantifiable answers.  There are three main components that contribute to the effectiveness of a research report.

Problem Definition

Problem definition is one of the most significant aspects of any effective research report.  Problem definition aims to identify any interesting questions or findings based off a study’s research analysis and explore them conclusively.

Research Approach

Each client’s unique needs demands a different approach in order to be most effective.  Research approach can vary greatly from group studies and interviews tp highly specialized procedures for collecting data.

Research Report

A typical research report is a well formatted document that follows a conventional structure.  A good report pulls all research elements together into a focused, and coherent document.

At Consumer Opinion Services our highly actionable reports are custom branded for your firm, making them perfect for sharing throughout your company or to your stakeholders  

We pride ourselves on providing you with industry leading answers to your research questions in a way that is easy to understand.

Project Management

Keeping a project on track and on budget is crucial to the success of any research project

Let us handle the planning, execution, and conclusion of your research study to achieve your specific goals on time.

The primary challenge of good project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints  

No matter your industry, a research study can offer big benefits in understanding your clients or answering questions about your product.  Unlike business as usual”, however, research studies require the management of research specific approaches including technical skills and management strategies.  

Whether it be product based planning, process management, or any other defined approach, we have the experience to best match your research needs with the study that is right for you

Careful consideration must be given to the research objectives, time-frame, and budget of a research project. At the same time it is crucial to manage the roles and responsibilities of all participants involved in the study.


Planning out the objectives, implementing resources such as different individuals and teams involved, and setting out the timeline for the project are crucial to the success of any research project.  


At Consumer Opinion Services we have the experience to optimize project flow, keeping you on budget and on time.


Coordinating the collaboration between the research team, the client, and any participants involved in a study is a dance all it’s own.  Let us handle the stress of keeping everything on track and everyone on the same page.

We have the experience to manage your next research project from start to finish on time and within budget  

Talk with COS today.  Whether you’re thinking about one of our research facilities in Las Vegas, Portland, or Seattle, or planning a project on location near you, we can take your project from start to finish.

Data Collection and Facilities

Data Collection refers to the process of gathering and measuring information in a controlled fashion with the goal of providing objective answers to research questions, testing hypotheses, and evaluating outcomes

While methods may vary depending on what research is to be conducted, data collection plays a crucial role in any effective research study.  At COS we gather accurate and honest information that allows our analysts to produce credible and data supported answers to research questions and objectives.

Uncompromised data collection ensures no wasted resources or time that can end in misleading results  

Consequences of inaccurate or improperly collected data include the inability to answer research questions correctly, leading to wasted time and money on an invalid study.  

Because of the importance of getting the data right the first time, prevention is the best method for ensuring proper data collection.  We collect data through our standardized protocol developed to ensure verifiable data, protecting your project and ensuring it’s validity.

At Consumer Opinion Services we specialize in collecting fresh data for unique research questions where no related research work is present elsewhere in the field.

Let our experienced team give you the confidence to find the answers for you and your business