Focus Group Facilities and Recruitment

Research Focus Group Facilities and Recruitment

Focus Group Facilities and Recruitment are 2 things we are best known for.

“Recruiting is King, and Communication is Key,”

This is the credo that COS Project Managers live and breathe by. Keeping ultimate client satisfaction in mind, Project Managers are readily available to field any inquiries about quotas, schedule concerns, market demographic segmentation, or any other question you may have during the status of your project.

We have built and maintained a Consumer Panel of over 100,000 respondents, of which we are able to track over 200 demographic and personality attributes. These respondents are willing and able to participate in any type of market research study.

After each respondent is recruited, Project Managers check each screener against our database for past participation and demographics, and to ensure that all respondents meet our clients’ criteria, COS does a 100% validation of all scheduled research participants.

Through the use of our Recruitment Management System (RMS) and quality assurance at every step in the recruiting process, we consistently deliver on target, timely and high value recruits for your projects.

From the initial kickoff call, through fielding and project wrap up, our Project Managers are there for you.

What is a focus group?

A focus group is a marketing research technique involving the recruitment of individuals who participate in a planned discussion in order to further the understanding of consumer opinions in a controlled environment.

Ideally, a focus group is anywhere from 60 to 150 minutes in duration (Note: Most sessions run about 120 Minutes).

A good focus group is structured and well directed, with the discussion built around fostering unique input from carefully recruited group members.

Because of the unique blend of scientific research and group dynamics, focus groups can yield quite a bit of information in a relatively short time.

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