Biometrics research

Human senses produce involuntary reactions to stimuli, and these reactions can be recorded.  The recordings are typically called “biometric” data.

Biometric data and the associated methodologies include:

  • Brainwave Variations / NeuroMetrics: The ability to precisely record changes in a respondents brain.
  • Galvanic Skin Response: The measurement of emotional arousal.
  • Eye Movement / Eye Tracking 
  • Heart Rate & Pupil Dilation
  • Facial Expressions / Facial Action Coding

Biometrics allows market research to go beyond self-reported data.

Learn how respondents react to stimulus on a non-verbal level, and what they are feeling by measuring physical responses.

For example, neurological measurement and eye tracking can be combined, to not only discover what exactly a respondent is looking at, but what their emotional response is to that specific area of the stimulus, whether it be a web page, print ad or a product on a shelf display.

These are specialized methodologies that can provide additional insights and value to your research when implemented properly.  Go beyond verbatim responses and discover the unspoken truth in your research.