Analysis Reporting & Analytic Services

Analytics and reporting

Consumer Opinion Services offers Analysis Reporting & Analytic Services

Having a lot of data can be a great thing, but it’s even better when you have a partner that can analyze it and tell you what it means.

At Consumer Opinion Services, we carefully consider your needs and utilize the best analysis methods to discover what you want to know.  On top of that, we communicate it so that people at all levels of your organization can get what they need in the way that the need it.

All of our reports include an Executive Summary and Key Findings, which offer a condensed version to those who just want to review the major findings of the research.  We also provide a comprehensive analysis of all major findings in a simple, bulleted format.  Of course, the “extended version” of the detailed findings is also made available for those who enjoy spending late hours digging into charts and graphs.

Additionally, our reports can be customized to your organization.  So if you need to present the findings to your team, it’s simply a matter of choosing which slides you want to include versus needing to reformat the entire report.  Your needs are our priority.

Below are a few examples of the types of analysis that are commonly performed:

  • Descriptive Analysis:  Frequency snapshots of the data to include percentages, means, standard deviation, and variance.
  • Correlation Analysis:  Shows potential direct or inverse relationships between two variables.
  • Regression Analysis:  Illustrates how changes in just one in a series of independent variables may affect the depend variable.  This can be used for prediction and forecasting, in addition to understanding the nature of relationships between variables.
  • Modeling: Description of how one or more variables are related to one or more other variables.
  • Statistical Significance Testing:  Determines if two or more values are truly different or just the result of chance.
  • Quadrant Analysis:  A tool to illustrate data measured across two different scales.
  • Segmentation Analysis:  Analysis of data partitioned by a number of demographic and/or behavioral responses.
  • Cross-Tabulations:  A chart examining intersection points between numerous variables.

Analysis methods can also be customized to fit your specific needs.