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Consumer Opinion Services blog offers insite and information about a variety of market research projects, focus groups, and more. Consumer Opinion Services Market research offices are located in Seattle, Portland, and Las Vegas.

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Focused on Focus Groups

Posted by David Wall on February 8, 2019

Unlike other forms of data collection, focus groups reveal detailed information and insight. This is done by allowing participants to provide in-depth meaning behind their thoughts and opinions. For researchers in the know, focus groups have been a go-to for collecting qualitative data as far back as the 1920’s Though becoming more common in the last decade, focus groups have long been a mainstay in the field of market research. In fact, focus groups have
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Observing a focus group is more than just listening to what respondents say; it’s understanding what they are saying in the right context.   Focus groups enable us to understand not just what respondents say, but why they’re saying it. It is important to know how to accurately interpret what’s being shared and, at times, what’s not being shared during a focus group discussion.   At Consumer Opinion Services, we have developed some key tips to keep
Consumer Opinion Services WHAT IS MARKET RESEARCH?

What is Market Research?

Posted by David Maxon on May 17, 2018

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Join Our Consumer Panel Research Seattle, Washington Paid Research Portland, Oregon Studies Las Vegas, Nevada Paid Research Studies Boise – Paid Research Studies Blog Contact Us: Contact Seattle Contact Portland Contact Las Vegas Actually, it’s not “too good to be true” – It’s just Market Research! Here’s some information we think you might find helpful… To start, we’re here to assure you that Market Research is NOT a scam. You’re not wrong to be skeptical