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Market Research & Focus Group Facilities

Market Research, Focus Groups, & Consumer Opinions

Consumer Opinion Services Inc. (COS) has provided clients with market research and data  collection services for more than 50 years. Founded in 1960, the company conducts qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid studies, with executive offices, focus group facilities and call centers located in Seattle, Portland, and Las Vegas.

Our reliable and consistent abilities have earned Consumer Opinion Services a reputation as an industry leader in high quality market research and data collection.  COS is a primary research provider for leading corporations, research companies and consultants locally, throughout the country, and internationally.

COS conducts research across a wide variety of methodologies and categories, spanning both consumer and B2B, and including:


  • Field Management
  • Intercept Interviewing
  • Recruiting
  • Focus Groups
  • Usability Testing
  • Depth Interviews
  • Ethnographies
  • Segmentation Studies
  • Observational Research
  • Concept Evaluation
  • Sensory and Taste Tests
  • Mystery shopping
  • Quality and Distribution Audits
  • Telephone
  • Online
  • Mobile
  • Political
  • Jury / Legal Research
  • Gaming / Casino Research
  • Hospitality / Entertainment
  • Transit / Transportation
  • Media / Advertising
  • Medical / Executive
  • Hispanic/Latino Studies
  • International Services
  • Moderating Services
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Processing / Tabulation
  • Perception Analyzer studies
  • Customer Satisfaction Tracking / Studies