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Consumer Opinion Services Portland

Consumer Opinion Services is a full service market research provider with an emphasis on data collection, field services, and focus group facilities. We offer everything from research design to data collection via phone, internet, mobile, or through staffing of large in-person survey projects. We recruit people worldwide to participate in research testing. We provide design, analysis, tabulation and a complete range of other research services. Our moderators travel the country, our project managers manage large scale studies (and small ones as well), and our people solve research problems and provide data collection solutions for a whole host of clients. Our clientele ranges from other research providers such as AC Nielsen and The Center for Disease Control, to R&D departments from the Internal Revenue Service, Nike, and Bally Technologies. We service national clients, such as USA Today, PBS’s The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, and Taco Bell, as well as Oregon-based companies like NW Natural, Oil Can Henrys, and ODS Healthcare. For a partial listing of our clients, click HERE.

While our corporate offices are in Seattle, our Portland office is the primary office most full-service work comes through. Our CATI (computer aided telephone interviewing) system, programming and data analysis departments, gaming research, online surveying programming, Recruitment Management System©, and PDA surveying services all are developed and operated by the Portland Team. In addition, we offer some of the nicest research facilities in the Northwest. Our focus group test suites are second to none, and offer a full compliment of audio/video equipment and expertise, full researcher support services, and an excellent staff.

Our Aim Is Your Satisfaction
We built Lloyd Focus and VideoConference Center in Portland to accommodate your every need. The office is centrally located, close to the airport, and provides the easiest access of any facility in Portland for respondents and clients alike. We are within five minutes of downtown Portland and 15 minutes from the airport. There’s no need to rent a car. Simply take the modern MAX light rail directly from the airport to our offices and your hotel. The centralized freeway access and abundance of free parking makes it easily the area’s most convenient facility. Our offices are located on the 3rd floor of the Lloyd Center among the professional suites.

We are the only “Top Rated” focus facility in Portland (by Impulse Survey), with over three times the number of rating moderators compared to our competition.

Our office is part of the Consumer Opinion Services family; we’ve been in the business of market research, focus groups and data collection since 1960. 2010 marked our 50th anniversary as a premier market research and opinion polling company.

We’re Talking Amenities
The Lloyd Center office features two focus group suites and a large conference space perfect for dial testing, mock juries and central location testing. We offer high speed internet connectivity (with jacks or wireless located for your convenience), videoconferencing, state of the art audio visual capabilities, respondent arrival status monitoring in our observation rooms, a spacious kitchen, client lounges with closed circuit monitoring, split level viewing rooms that seat 12 or more observers, and tapered conference tables for better viewing and recording angles.

Not only does our office feature the latest technology, but we give our visitors a taste of the best of Portland. You’ll be given the opportunity to enjoy the local cuisine, beers, wines and artwork that make Portland famous while in the comfort of our world class facility. Our amazing caterer has options for all palates, is a master at NorthWest cuisine, and tailors all his menus to your budget.

It’s All About Relationships
No facility is world class without quality people who are committed to customer service. Consumer Opinion Services was built on that idea, and our people are among the best in the industry. Call us with your next assignment.

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